Drone equipped with a high-pressure washer cleaning a large mirrored building on a sunny day.

Take your cleaning business to the next level

Get the best-in-class soft-wash and high-pressure spraying solution for your cleaning business, and increase productivity with unmatched worker safety.

Turn-key solution

Quality equipment

Expert training

Full support

Financing options

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Innovative packages

How it works

Sign up for a franchise package with AD. Based on your preferences, get trained by AD’s Flight Training team on the equipment – in pre-chosen scenarios. Once training is complete, start conducting drone cleaning jobs in accordance with the AD Drone Spraying solution standards. Get full after-sales support with hardware upgrades, maintenance and repair, and job insurance.

Specific exterior maintenance services easily fulfilled using drones in this franchise model include:

  • Roof washing and gutter cleaning
  • Solar panel washing
  • Roof and home inspections
  • Ice removal
  • Window washing – homes and small buildings
  • Spraying and fumigating of pesticides for pests i.e., ticks, mosquitoes, wasp nests, etc.
  • Seeding and fertilizing lawns, farms and golf courses
  • Sterilization of stadiums, streets, and other outdoor facilities
  • Inspection of cell phone towers, bridges and other infrastructure

3D model with the drone operation process divided into 4 steps.

Solution highlights

Full life cycle franchise model: Man equipped with a green jumpsuit preparing a cleaner drone for launch

SBP Agreement

Unprecedented service level includes equipment, training, maintenance and tech support.

Drone performing the cleaning process with the high-pressure washing system.

High-pressure System

Can be finely calibrated and used on rugged industrial surfaces and civil infrastructure such as storage tanks, bridges, wind turbines, vehicles, etc.

Drone seen very close to the ground

Low-Pressure System

Uses a soft-wash technique that mixes water, chemical solutions, and soap to easily remove dirt, mold, mildew, and animal waste from solar panels, roofs, windows, exterior walls, and other structural features.

Specialized training and support: Drone cleaning a wind energy tower with a high-pressure washing system

Industry-specific Training and Support

Ensure optimal practices and successful outcomes. Businesses can choose to focus on one or more scenarios.

The Spartacus Endure spraying drone

Image of the Spartacus Endure spraying drone

A powerful multi-rotor aircraft with complete accessories for low-pressure and high pressure spraying, making it an ideal tool for spray washing residential, commercial and industrial surfaces.

A versatile pumping system with advanced chemical mixing is tethered to the drone via a liquid supply line, enabling efficient and continuous spraying flights tailored for each cleaning job.

Get started

Enterprise solutions are tailored for each customer with industry-specific features and capabilities. To get started, contact AD and tell us about what you're looking for and we'll arrange an exclusive remote presentation for you with solution options.

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