Redefining drones with AI and IoT

Use autonomous drones with real-time control and analytics to reduce costs, maximize ROI and create new business value

Tailored infrastructure and human ingenuity

Revolutionizing the global drone landscape by redefining the entire unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ecosystem. Aquiline leverages a confluence of critical technologies including real-time cloud and autonomous flight capabilities, along with mission critical infrastructure to develop and deploy complex, high-density drone solutions.

Enterprise solutions

Aquiline offers full-service, custom solutions with equipment, personnel and technological infrastructure for a multitude of use cases.


Centralized control, autonomous flight and precision terrain data allows for small package delivery for a variety of payloads.

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Fire prevention

A total fire prevention solution over large areas, utilizing an optimized 'drone-grid' for very early detection and remedy.

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Asset inspection

Reach your remote assets efficiently, without risk to your employees, leading to better maintenance and improved ROI.

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The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and on-board computing converge in a real-time cloud infrastructure, enabling autonomous drone operations.

Manufacturing 4.0

Aquiline plans an integrated US-based manufacturing facility for its drones and mobile command centers, utilizing cloud-connected workstation cells and advanced 3D printing.