Spartacus Endure: Spartacus Drone Pulverizing fertilizers on a greenish corn farm in a sunny day

Versatile multi-rotor for active applications

Made in the USA, the Spartacus Endure is designed for commercial drone operators looking for a flexible platform for active drone applications such as crop spraying, surface cleaning and small payload delivery.

State-of-the-art drone for active missions

Best-in-class equipment

Medium-lift multi-rotor with high flight performance, starting at $29,999

Flexible platform

Range of accessories for aerial cleaning, farming and delivery

Full support and training

Maintenance plan, flight training, drone insurance and technical support

Cloud connectivity

Any drone configuration can be cloud connected via a companion app

The Spartacus Endure drone, starting at $29,999

Spartacus Endure or UAV front view

A powerful multi-rotor with low and high pressure systems for crop spraying, tethered tank system for surface cleaning, seed hopper and emergency delivery cargo drop, allows for multiple active operational scenarios.

Base package includes the drone, controller, batteries, carrying case and more. See the product manual to learn more about the Spartacus Endure drone.


Spartacus Endure or UAV front view

Technical data

The following section contains the technical data of the Spartacus Endure drone.

Length x Width(Including propellers)

1000 x 1000 mm / 39.3” x 39.3” inches


Based on user requirement


600 mm / 23.6” inch

Payload types:
  1. EO/IR sensor, Lidar sensor
  2. Spraying systems
  • Low Pressure Sprayer
  • High Pressure Sprayer
Empty Weight(Without Battery)

11 kg / 24.2 lbs.

Max Payload Weight

15 kg / 33 lbs.

Each Battery Weight

1.985 kg / 4.37 lbs.

Max. wind speed

50 km/hr - 31 mph - 13.85 m/s - 26.9 knots

Max take-off weight(including payload)

33.88 kg / 74.68 lbs.

FAA max take-off weight:

24.95 kg / 55 lbs

Max. flight time

40 minutes (no payload)

Cloud-connected option

The Spartacus Endure drone is capable of cloud connectivity via the AD C2 Pilot companion app. Download the app for Android devices and pair the drone to the AD C2 platform on the AD Cloud. Once paired, the drone will relay live telemetry and video data from the built-in camera to the C2 operations dashboard, enabling remote situational awareness.

Every configuration of the drone is available in an optional cloud connected version.


Drone Spraying: Drone cleaning surface with a low-pressure sprayer near trees.
Drone spraying

Low and high pressure sprayer systems, tethered to a tank with chemical mixing, offers an efficient and continuous aerial spraying system for different surfaces.

Emergency Delivery: Drone at landing pad near the beach, ready to flight.
Emergency delivery

With the critical delivery attachment, the drone can deliver a small payload of supplies or equipment during emergency situations or in the aftermath of a disaster.

Agricultural Spraying: Drone spraying or spreading fertilizers for disease, weed and pest control.
Agricultural spraying

On-board tank with a low pressure spraying system makes for a powerful boost to farm spraying. This configuration requires a Part 137 license, and is optionally available under AD’s umbrella.

Seed Sowing:  Drone Flying over an orchard sowing seeds with seed attachment.
Seed sowing

Combine the Spartacus Endure with a powerful seed spreader attachment system to cover a larger area, with greater seed shooting and lower operating costs.

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