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Flight to the Future

Industry-leading educational program and more. Get equipped with the right knowledge and skills to become an effective, safe and compliant professional drone pilot, including FAA Part 107 test preparation.

How it works

There are four steps in this educational journey. In Step1, you'll focus on ground school for the FAA Part 107 examination. This step provides the necessary training and educational material that is needed to get certified as a commercial drone pilot.

Once you've been certified, Steps 2 and 3 will take you into the world of cloud connected drone operations and industry applications, respectively. Use AD Command and Control to harness the power of connected operations and data management. Then delve into specific industries for knowledge on application types and use cases.

Finally, learn how to set up a commercial drone business in Step 4 of the journey.

4 steps that show the process and benefits of drone piloting certification;

The four steps in your journey

Training and certification

Comprehensive ground training to prepare for FAA UAV pilot certification.

Using the AD Cloud

Cloud, IoT and AI capabilities that come together in AD Cloud’s Command and Control.

Mastering a solution

Get your drone and technology skills optimized for a range of UAV applications.

My drone business

Business setup, insurance, cloud connected drone with sensor package and more.

Part 107 course highlights

Tablet with AD Main dashboard4 Tablets with Flight to the Future home screenTraining and certificationDrone systems presentationDrone systems engineering courseTraining and certification course

Main dashboard

This is your main dashboard view. One-click access to all the lessons and help material, along with vital journey metrics. Returning users can seamlessly continue from where they left off.

Get started

Enterprise solutions are tailored for each customer with industry-specific features and capabilities. To get started, contact AD and tell us about what you're looking for and we'll arrange an exclusive remote presentation for you with solution options.

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