Perimeter security

Perimeter security

High endurance autonomous drones with the latest surveillance technologies offer a continuous and mobile security solution.


Autonomous drones are ideally suited for perimeter and border security applications

Autonomous drones with all-weather flight capability provide a powerful solution for securing facilities and borders by providing 24/7/365 monitoring and notifications.

Drone-protected borders are a new and emerging use-case that is getting increasingly attractive as unmanned aerial systems become more advanced. A virtual wall can now be constructed using drones and other mission critical infrastructure.

For large-scale applications, such as securing long international borders, In addition to drones, key mobile and communications infrastructure is laid out to produce seamless results.

Drone patrols as a security service

Fully autonomous

24/7/365 coverage is provided using autonomous drones that fly in an ever-changing formation to optimize the coverage based on real-world conditions, land periodically to recharge and get replaced if they malfunction.


All-weather flight capability

With hybrid engines and fixed-wing configurations with VTOL capability, our drones can meet the requirements in fairly adverse weather conditions including wind, rain, extreme temperature and humidity.


Real-time video and data analysis

Aquiline Cloud Services ensures that the surveillance data is analyzed and any anomalies are communicated in real-time, enabling effective countermeasures. Drones are also able to notify ground control of any maintenance issues during operations.


Mission critical infrastructure

Mobile command centers (MCCs) along with communication hubs, recharging stations and other gadgets comprise the mission critical infrastructure, which is manned by trained personnel to deliver autonomous flight..